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Market Harborough's Arts Fresco is the largest international street theatre festival in the Midlands, a fantastic celebration of street theatre in all it's forms. On this page, you'll find all the information you need to plan your visit! 

When does Market Harborough's Arts Fresco take place?

Market Harborough's Arts Fresco normally takes place on the second Sunday in September. In 2022, it will take place on Sunday 11th September.

Do I need to buy tickets for performances in Market Harborough's Arts Fresco?

No! All the performances happen in and around the centre of Market Harborough, with the performers mingling with the crowds. All you need to do is walk to the town centre (it's easy - just follow the crowds!) and keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual....

Is there a programme? Where can I get one?

There isn't a programme as such, although there will be a rough timetable of performances available on the day. As Arts Fresco is a street theatre festival, it's possible for performances, of one style or another, popping up at any time, any place. We've compiled a helpful guide to planning your visit, and an Event Map for you to use during the day.

How can I take part in Market Harborough's Arts Fresco?

The organising committee is always keen to speak to performers who would like to take part. If you would like to be involved, drop us a line at, including details of who you are, your act, and your contact details.

Can I sponsor or support Arts Fresco?

You sure can! Arts Fresco is run entirely on a not-for-profit basis, and we rely on the generosity of our sponsors and supporters, as well as donations from the general public and Arts Council grants. If you'd like to help us out, get in touch through the Contact Us page.

Can I buy Arts Fresco merchandise?

Not yet. All our funds go towards providing the best possible show we can, which doesn't leave enough to put together Arts Fresco branded merchandise. We would love to introduce a range, and if we do, it would be available to buy on the day as well as through this website.

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