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This year, we're delighted to have a huge number of acts, some of whom are new to the Arts Fresco experience, and some who are very much old favourites.


Find out more on each act below.

Garaghty and Thom at Arts Fresco in Market Harborough

Garaghty and Thom
by Street Comedy

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Two hugely skilled and funny individuals together in a highly energised comedy show.

Richard Garaghty and Goronwy Thom are both seasoned veterans of show business. Together they create successful shows in almost any situation and amaze and amuse audiences with and without language. They have toured across the World with their international show, creating pop up shows at festivals from South Africa to Lebanon, from Switzerland to Canada and to many, many others.

Their controlled chaotic cabaret will have all ages in hysterics. From highly skilled circus trickery, improvisation to comedy routines.  

The set and props come from anywhere as this innovative duo use the environment for all their routines. 




Angie Mack Hula Hooper show
Port Solent Master 4 small.jpg

Hula Hooper show
by Angie Mack

Hoops, hoops and more hoops!  Everything you ever wanted and never needed to know about hula hooping.

From death defying stunt hooping to the straight out weird and wonderful world of mini hoop madness, a little bit of magic and the dazzling glitz of circus hula hoops to the jaw dropping giant 6ft hoop leading all the way up to the multi hooping, confetti exploding, human tower of uncertainty!

Angie Macks hooptastic, interactive comedy show is jam packed with highly skilled hula hoop tricks, iconic music and a whole lot of heart.


The Holliblobs
by Ugly Bucket

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Photos courtesy of Jack Ehlen

Big, blue, beautiful and bizarre. The Holiblobs have landed at a new holiday destination, Earth.

See your city in a whole new light and rediscover the beauty in the everyday as these extra terrestrial tourists explore our planet. There’s so much to see, hear, smell, touch, taste and so much fun to be had. 

PF LC2.jpg

Phileas Fogg: Day 79
by Dizzy O’Dare

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“It’s day 79 and we have made it to the festival, just hours away from crossing the finish line on this spectacular adventure.

We have crossed five continents, 24 time zones and I am down to my last pair of clean underpants. My traveling companion continues to complain but they’ve proven their worth several times over. I can’t wait to see the faces on my friends at the reform clubs when I cross the finish line. Had a spot of bother with transport for the last leg, but we’ve managed to secure these handy hot air balloons. We’re going to drop a line, tie off and enjoy this festival for a bit- maybe even have a cup of tea!.” 


Join Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepartout as they attempt to circumnavigate the world in just 80 days. The year is 1872 and it’s day 79 of the journey. Our intrepid adventurers are just hours away from crossing the finish line, if they can just coerce their hot air balloons to go in the right direction they stand to win a grand prize. 

From the makers of Baba Yaga’s House, The Giant Balloon Show and The Tiny Travelling Tightwire Show  and Falconry Dismay comes a hilarious roam-about fusing modern technology and the classic adventure novel by Jules Verne. 

Supported by Just So Festival, SparepARTs and Arts Council England

Lamp Posts At Royal Exchange.jpg
Lamp Posts in Manchester with Large Crowd.jpg

Living Lamp posts 
by Theatre Illumiere

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Standing at over twelve feet tall these noble and elegant Lamp-Posts will shine a new light on your event.

Let them explore their surroundings to light-up people’s faces and fill them with joy. Need a light? They can help with that! Trouble seeing in the dark? Let them be your guide! The Living Lamp-Posts are a marvellous moving display of ornate light and colour. 

Dustbusters promo pic 2.jpg
Dustbusters promo pic 1.jpg

The Dustbusters
by Feasible Ferret Theatre 

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Are dust bunnies running wild? Have spiderwebs taken over?


Mildred and Mavis are here to help, two silver topped and silver tongued domestic goddesses from the golden days. These homely and high-spirited housekeepers are determined to make the world spick and span, armed with only their trusty cleaning trolley, elbow grease and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda.


But it’s not all work and no play for these slapstick scrubbers. Mildred and Mavis look for any excuse to down their dusters for a cuppa and a chinwag. Accompanied by hearty cleaning tunes, you won’t be able to stop yourself from joining in for a boogie as they polish. Brimming with comical cleaning expertise, The Dustbusters are always happy to offer advice on ridding your home of slovenliness. You'll be amazed at what they can achieve with vinegar and newspaper. Just make sure to keep off their freshly mopped floors. 

An Act Above - Norvil and Josephine 3.jpg
An Act Above - Norvil and Josephine 2.jpg

Norvil and Josephine
by Norvil and Josephine 

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Norvil & Josephine turn the classic notion of a Vaudeville magic act on its head in their show full of comical twists and turns.

Taking place on a giant top hat that’s fully equipped with its own PA system, they perform breath-taking balancing on the broom illusion, a twinkling tap dance, comical contortions and a sassy escape from the sack of secrets.

Ugly Bugs NMA.jpg

The Ugly Bugs
by Enter Edem

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The Ugly Bugs are having a ball, and you are invited!

Head on over to the Children's Village to join big bugs who can be found causing mischief and mayhem wherever they fly in! With giant games, bouncy bug races, a Flea Circus and amazing shows, you won't want to miss this unbee-lievable party!


The Roamantics
by The Roamantics

The Roamantics are an  upbeat and engaging  roaming band performing acoustic sets of classic tracks and modern hits with female vocals, acoustic guitar, double bass and percussion.

The band provide the perfect musical backdrop ensuring you’ll have the most unique  and memorable experience.

The band is made up of highly skilled professional musicians with years of experience in pleasing crowds.  Between them they have performed all around the world from Jumeirah beach in Dubai to hotels in Israel, corporate events in Ibiza and Cruise ships in the med.

Spot them around town on Arts Fresco day to enjoy your own  spontaneous, interactive and charismatic performance.

The band’s impressive client list includes Google, Boots, Kuoni, Huawei and the Silverstone Paddock Club for the British Grand Prix.


by Stuff and Things

Having perfected the technology to squeeze absolutely anything into a drain, Stuff & Things have scoured the universe to find the very best, very oddest and most very arresting objects, creatures and situations known to man, and then quite simply popped them underground.


The Beatbox Jukebox
by Mr. Shay

The roving Beatbox Jukebox is coming to your town. Select your favourite genre and watch the jukebox come to life with its rhythmic beatbox tracks, performed live by Mr Shay.

Get ready to rave in the streets to the bass and treble.

Flying Butresses - Bill Oddity's Bewildered Beasts - 2.jpeg

Bill Oddity's Bewildered Beasts
by Flying Buttresses

Having accidentally been transported to our world with his dimension-hopping pet shop, Bill Oddity must find a way home by any means possible... and if he can shift some stock on the way, so much the better.

Team (2022).JPG

Somewhere Records 

Somewhere Records is a volunteer run record label based at Brickwork Studios in Market Harborough. It releases original music primarily by young artists with an aim to give their music exposure and provide a springboard for their musical ambitions. 

The day to day running of the record label is carried out by our volunteers who take on responsibilities including talent scouting, promotion, artwork, marketing, photography and videography. 

Those taking part in the Somewhere Records also have the chance to learn about and put into practice the various stages of record production including recording, mixing and mastering. 


Somewhere Records gives young people a chance to experience the music industry first hand in a professional setting and learn valuable skills that will help them realize and make the most of their potential. 



Releases from Somewhere Records are available through all major distribution channels including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and many others along with targeted physical releases on CD and Vinyl. 



You can find out more about us at


Somewhere Records will have their stage running with live performances from local artists throughout the day.
Ione Banks is accompanied by Martyn Storey to perform acoustic covers and originals, many being stripped versions of Ione’s tracks due on her upcoming debut album. Ione is a pop-rock artist who takes inspiration from Paramore and Anavae to blend 2000s punk/rock with a modern sound. 

Singer songwriter Delph Kenney released her single Bulletproof in May, and is building on its soulful tones to branch into genres of shoegaze and bedroom ambience - perfect for a chill listening playlist. Singing popular covers, Kenney displays the vocal talent that defines her debut release.

Hubcap are a psychedelic blues-band from Leicestershire who channel the 1960s with influences Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters. Steve Hillage and White Stripes. This power duo bring modernism to their retro sound. 

Laoku prepares to release their debut E.P. with Somewhere Records featuring a range of sounds, combining shoegaze and indie rock across their 4 upcoming tracks. The first, Tomorrow Day, sets the scene with singer-songwriter dreaminess and the creative lyrics that define this artist.

Deiah Marie blends american soul with traditional R&B, producing sounds reminiscent of Motown with her soaring vocals atop. Deiah is accompanied by Alex, guitarist from Direct Injection, to perform her new original music and fan-favourite covers. 

Indie-rock band Plain View are characterised by catchy riff-driven tunes, guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Infectious melodies and witty lyrics make this group of 4 an instant favourite. 

Elena is Somewhere Records’ most recent addition, capturing audiences with her dynamic vocals. Tailoring to her contemporary audience, Elena’s originals range from ambient ballads cushioned with stunning harmony, to electric-guitar driven pop-punk

Carlos Airhead (1).jpeg

Carlos Airhead
by Carlos Airhead

Carlos Airhead, with a volunteer, uses a voice-activated vacuum cleaner to inflate a six foot balloon.

Then to the crowd's disbelief, wearing only brightly coloured lycra shorts and choreographed to music, Carlos slides his toned Spanish physique completely inside the balloon.

First his head, then his torso until finally the last leg slowly disappears from sight.

Once inside, Carlos dances the balloon to a fast changing sequence of music. The crowd finds this hilarious.

rehearsal 4-1.jpeg
rehearsal 3-1.jpeg

Harborough Theatre

We're delighted that Harborough Theatre will again be joining us at Arts Fresco.

Performing their barking mad spoof, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Harborough Theatre will keep you entertained throughout the day.

Find out more about the play, and the Theatre itself.

Philosophy Shed by Stuff and Things

Philosophy Shed
by Stuff and Things

We all need a place to think, a place where we can find the time and space to be with our thoughts and do a bit of mental pottering.

At Stuff and Things, we believe that a simple shed can be that space, and if that’s the case, then why shouldn’t that shed also be a place to meet great philosophers? A place to hear wise words, to listen to the stories of the great thinkers, to ponder the bigger picture in a smaller space.

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