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Arts Fresco - 15 years on

So, Arts Fresco is 15 years old! It hard to remember the days when it first started. A great idea around the kitchen table and a lot of enthusiasm from some close friends created the first Arts Fresco back in 2002. We had no idea what would happen nor if people would take to the idea of performance in the streets of Market Harborough but we needn’t have worried. People took to the idea and the streets were alive.

And now 15 years later we are a little wiser and a little older and some of those like our founder George Kitson who’s amazing idea Arts Fresco was are no longer with us but we still believe in the desire of creating the best street theatre festival in the country. Some of the acts like the wonderful Markmark and lovable Dr Palfi have been with us from the start (that’s fifteen years ago!) and we want to thank them for their friendship and support. Other acts are new and we hope will become friends.

But whatever happens we want Arts Fresco to continue to thrive and be the best that it can be. I was talking to a taxi driver the other week and mentioned Arts Fresco. He thought that it was a professional event brought to many towns and cities across the country and was surprised to discover that it is a Market Harborough only event, a festival brought to you by a group of dedicated people from Market Harborough and funded through very generous donations.

So, come with us and celebrate our 15th birthday. It promises to be our best year ever!

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