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Arts Fresco Festival Celebrates 15 Years of Entertainment

Free street theatre festival to take place on Sunday 10 September 2017 throughout the town centre

Arts Fresco, one of the largest, free street theatre festivals in the UK, will celebrate its 15th anniversary when it returns to Market Harborough in Leicestershire on Sunday 10 September 2017.

This year’s event, taking place in the streets of the town from 11am to 4pm, will feature some intriguing, exciting, fun and interactive performances from professional UK and international street artists.

Artists to appear at Arts Fresco 2017 include:

• Highly-energised street comedy with Garagthy and Thom, winners of last year’s Audience Award • Deaf Men Dancing – aerial circus, Tango dancing and BSL interpretation • Mimbre with If I Could I Would, featuring physical and acrobatic theatre • Feats of strength with the Strong Lady from Australia • Clowning with La Navet Bete, rammed full of acrobatics, improvisation, live music, audience interaction, circus influences and downright silliness

A children’s village, supported by the Market Harborough Building Society, will feature circus workshops, entertainment and more.

Nina Thomas from the Arts Fresco Organising Committee said: “We’re delighted to reach our 15th anniversary this year and with over 10,000 visitors expected in the town during the day, we hope that they will all be able to join in our celebrations.

“There’s a real range of acts to suit all tastes this year so you’ll be able to laugh, gasp and think as you wander through the streets of the town to see all that’s going on,” continued Nina.

To find out more go to or follow our Twitter account @artsfresco.

Arts Fresco is entirely funded by local sponsorship and donations. It is organised by a dedicated team of local people who are passionate about Market Harborough and give their time freely to stage this wonderful event.

Notes to editors

Mimbre, ‘If I Could I Would’

Mimbre creates nuanced, breath-taking and highly-skilled acrobatic theatre. It uses circus and dance innovatively as a physical language to illuminate human connections and promote a positive image of women.

If I Could I Would is a fast-paced piece of physical theatre featuring virtuoso acrobatics, imagination and humour that recognises it sometimes takes a superhuman effort to rise above the relentless demands of everyday urban life.

An all-female cast play an array of familiar characters in a day where the coffee is spilled, the commute is a trial, street-life is a threat and office politics get under the skin. From everywoman to superwoman, If I Could I Would delivers a heart-warming message for everyone about resilience in the face of the everyday grind. If you could, what would you change?

Garaghty and Thom, ‘Street Comedy’

This award-winning double act bring their hilarious show to Market Harborough. Richard Garaghty and Goronwy Thom have both performed shows since they were teenagers so have technically been in show business for over 20 years! Each!

Over their performing lives they have entertained thousands of diverse audiences across the world in many different guises. Improvised comedy and high skill.

Charmaine Childs, ‘Strong Lady’

The world of the Strong Lady is filled with dazzling contrasts: muscle and grace, beauty and brute strength, lifting the hearts of the audience and... well... lifting the audience!

A genuine strong woman, Betty Brawn presents an elegant array of feats of strength: she breaks things, lifts men overhead as if they were feathers and gives your laughing muscles a workout. You will walk away smiling from this wholehearted celebration of femininity and strength.

Le Naval Bete, 'Extravaganza'

These four clowns are determined to tell their individual cultural stories no matter what the cost may be. Join Romano, Keith, Hans and David Blooper on a ridiculous, madcap romp, rammed full of acrobatics, improvisation, live music, audience interaction, circus influences, downright silliness and even a flaming unicycle.

Don't be fooled - these guys really don't like each other. How they ended up on stage together is one of life's great mysteries. Nothing they have ever tried to achieve has come to fruition. They really are utter idiots. But remember...the clown can get away with murder...

Deaf Men Dancing, ‘Corazón a Corazón’

A unique collaboration between aerial circus and dance, with BSL interpretation at the heart of the choreography.

What does it feel like to have your rights taken away? Inspired by ‘Kiss of The Spider Woman’ by Manuel Puig, comes a tale of oppression, LGBTQ rights, betrayal and the right to communicate through your own language being taken away.

A visceral, and unique interpretation of this classic story, Corazón a Corazón brings to life the tale of two male prisoners whom, whilst seemingly opposite in every way, form an intimate relationship that changes them both forever.

For further media information, please contact:

Simon Gribbon

On behalf of Arts Fresco

T: 07990 583371

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