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The Un-Naturalist’s : an Hysterical historical tour

Starting at the Old Grammar school

Saturday 9th September, 2023 at 11.30am, 1pm and 2.30pm

As an event so routed in the cultural life of Market Harborough Arts Fresco has for the past 21 years taken a key position in the artistic life of the town. As such it is an ideal vehicle with which to begin to define and christen the newly conceptualised Cultural Quarter.

This project uses street-performance and outdoor arts to connect and reveal the weird and the wonderful aspects of our history. Originally a commission from Historic England, Un-Naturalist’s is part of an ongoing project with the Heritage Action Zone and Markmark Productions and will help to establish the unique qualities of Market Harborough’s Cultural Quarter. The show is a comedic investigation into history with the aim of bringing to life historical stories using theatrical spectacle and wonder.

On of Saturday the 9th September 2023 a group of performers, dressed as Victorian Explorers, will promenade around the town as ‘tour guides’ recounting the history of Market Harborough in an engaging and amusing fashion. This performance will take place from 11.30 and 3.00 They will aim to take a series of small groups around the Cultural Quarter identifying points of interest along the way taking in the Symington building and their heritage event. Then on Sunday the 10th September, to co-inside with the main Arts Fresco event, they will present a walkabout street theatre performance and will again perform within the Cultural Quarter.

An Arts Fresco event, funded by;

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